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Kick-off Meeting | Dec. 6th to 7th, 2012 | Graz, AT

Our first meeting on the 6th and 7th December 2012 took place in Graz, Austria.
With all core partners we discussed in detail the project objectives, aims, process and the different work packages. We also took the time to review the Supported Employment Toolkit and to develop the questionnaires for the analysis of the background situation in the three countries Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.



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2nd Meeting | 20th to 21st Jun. 2013 | Miercurea-Cuic/Csíkszereda, RO

Working Units

From June 20 to 21, 2013, the project partners met for their second transnational meeting in Miercurea-Cuic/Csíkszereda (Romania). The working units brought some challenges, since now it wil be important to adapt - based on the results of the interviews that were carried out in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey - the existing toolkit to the country-specific demands.
On the one hand, the interviews were made with the target group itself, i. e. people with disabilities. On the other hand, the partners interviewed companies that will or already employ people with disabilities and organisations that offer a variety of services to people with disabilities. Altogether, 77 detailed interviews were made, a current-state analysis was compiled and a final report summing up the results was composed.
Furthermore, the stakeholder analysis, which had been carried out previously, was presented. This was important since the project needs to guarantee a sustainable implementation of the results in the transfer countries.



Services for people with disabilities in Csíkszereda

As part of our second partner meeting, we also visited "Szent Agoston" organisation, a day centre for people with disabilities, and the Association of the Physically Disabled of Harghita County.



Workgroups in action

The workgroups very intensively worked on the toolkit concept as it is the main project goal to adapt this toolkit to the country-specific demands in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. To combine theory and practice can often be quite tricky. Still, we discussed a lot, managed to find good approaches and can now start the revision and adaption process. The test version of the new toolkit will be available by November 2013.



Social Programme

We had a common dinner in the open air with traditional meals along the hillside of the Harghita Mountain. The region is well known for its spa and medical baths; its mineral waters are used for several medical treatments. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to see how one of the most cherished Hungarian (Sekler) dish, the ‘Kürtős kalács’ is made.



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3rd Meeting | 16th to 17th Jan. 2014 | Plovdiv, BG

Working Units

The third partner meeting took place from 16 to 17 January, 2014 in Bulgaria. On the first day of the meeting, the organisations exchanged information about the activities in the individual countries. Amongst others, the partners reported on the awareness raising campaigns in BG, TR and RO and on other dissemination activities.
In addition to the Interim Report, which had been issued in November 2013, the project process had also been internally and externally evaluated with regard to content, organisation and results. The project coordinator presented the summarised evaluation results.
The largest part of the meeting was devoted to discussing the beginning implementation of the toolkit content in the transfer countries: The coaches had been trained and the organisations were in the process of selecting the people to be supported. Focussing on the aim to finish off the entire implementaion phase and its evaluation by June 2014, the participants planned the individual implementation steps within the process. By June 2014, the coaches will be able to apply the country-specific concepts and, thus, contribute to supporting the integration of people with disabilities into the labour market.
Finally, the project partners started to plan the big final international conference, which will take place on 19 September, 2014 in Izmir (Turkey).



Study visit

At the end of the second day, the partners visited the 'National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind' in Plovdiv. The NRCB is an institution for the re-socialisation of visually impaired people. It provides basic rehabilitation and vocational training for visually impaired people from the whole country.
The institution works actively with parents and relatives of visually impaired people; it is a base for holding current practice and pregraduating practice of the students from the 'social pedagogic' and 'special pedagogic' departments of the Plovdiv and Sofia universities. At the NRCB, instructors in basic rehabilitation are prepared for the needs of the Municipalities of Bulgaria, the UBB and non- governmental organisations from the country. The NRCB is a consultant of the local authorities with regard to day-time rehabilitation centers for visually impaired people.



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4th Meeting | 17th to 18th Sep. 2014 | Izmir, TR

From September 17 to 18, 2014, the project partners met for their final transnational meeting in Izmir (Turkey).
During the working units the results of the evaluation materials of the implementation period – based on the feedback and reflection from the implementation coaches and supporting project partners – were presented. During interactive workgroup sessions the partnership discussed the further usage and sustainability in the three transfer countries Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Furthermore, the gained feedback and ideas for revision of the transnational manuals of the three countries were discussed and agreed on.




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1st Training Workshop for Implementation Coaches |
24th to 25th Sep. 2013 | Graz, AT

It was in September 2013 that the first workshop for the implementation coaches took place in Graz, AT. During the two days, the participants from Rumania got some insights into how the Supported Employment Concept is conceptually implemented in Austria in general and at Jugend am Werk in particular.
It was the aim of the workshop to train the participants to become coaches for the implementation of work assistance and job coaching services in Rumania. Furthermore, we tried to raise some awareness for the big range of work possibilities for people with disabilities. An intense exchange of ideas, several excursions to facilities within and outside Jugend am Werk and a precise training of methods let us move a huge step towards the implementation phase in all three transfer countries (Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey).
The course has been set for the next steps: We are confident that, at the end of our pilot phase in June 2014, we will be able to report on a successfully implemented process in the transfer countries.



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2nd Training Workshop for Implementation Coaches |
10th to 11th Dec. 2013 | Graz, AT

The second workshop for implementation coaches also took place in Graz. Participants from Bulgaria and Turkey were trained to apply the concept of Supported Employment.
The two-day workshop dealt with the same content as the first one in September 2013. In addition to theoretical input, the participants visited the integrative vocational training workshops and the training academy at 'Team Styria Werkstätten GmbH'.



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3rd Training Workshop for Implementation Coaches |
5th to 6th Jun. 2014 | Izmir, TR

A third workshop for implementation coaches took place in Izmir. A selected group of staff from Konak İş-Kur were trained to apply the concept of SE.
During an interactive two-day workshop the trainers focussed on person-centred approaches as well as on possible ways for further integration for people with disabilities in Turkey.